Having a degree can boost your chances of success

I read your response to a query that was raised regarding internal promotion (Burning career issues, Personnel Today, 13 November).

I felt that Steve Miller’s response was good, and agree that it is hugely frustrating sometimes when you are stuck in a job and cannot get the experience you need to progress. But I feel that his opinion about degrees counting for nothing these days would upset a great many graduates who struggled on very little money and attended lectures, constantly did assignments and presentations and completed a dissertation at the end of it all to achieve graduate status.

Of course, as he stated, it is experience that gains the upper hand. However, I hugely disagree that degrees count for nothing these days. On occasion where I have been shortlisted for jobs and given a weighting on the form for qualifications, it has boosted my score a great deal in the selection criteria.

Sue Burton, HR assistant

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