Health and safety push for younger employees

This month, IOSH launches wiseup2work, an interactive online resource designed to promote health and safety at work among young people, teachers and employers.

The interactive website uses games, information sheets, a chat forum and celebrity stories to deliver key health and safety messages directed at younger workers. The aim is to give young employees and work placement students a safe and realistic attitude towards their first job, ideally before they enter the workplace

There are also resources for teachers, employers and young people including lesson plans, facts and figures, case studies, workplace guidance and links to further information.

IOSH is also creating a competition for European Week for Safety and Health at Work which will be launched on the wiseup2work website.

The ‘Speak up’ competition asks groups of 14- to 19-year-olds to design an advertising campaign targeting their peers, which IOSH will then use as part of wider communications activity. Prizes include the latest high-tech gadgets and a day in an unusual workplace, such as the House of Commons or the Ministry of Defence.

“The launch of wiseup2work is a great way to kick-start this campaign,” said IOSH president, Neil Budworth. “I encourage all OH professionals to use the resources once the site is live.”

The wiseup2work project is supported by the Learning and Skills Council, the government body responsible for planning and funding vocational training and education for over-16s in England.

The National Youth Agency, which works to promote the development of young people within society, will also be promoting the resource. IOSH also plans to promote the site through other youth charities.

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