High on emotional competence

Giving feedback: Emotional Intelligence in action
Price: £799 (plus p&p and VAT)
Rental: £189 for two days
From: Supernova
Contact: www.supernovalearning.com

This DVD and workbooks pack is designed as a practical introduction to feedback skills. Much of the content is based on the Hay Group’s Emotional Competence Inventory.

It is a measured product that illustrates the framework of emotional intelligence competencies with great clarity. Even the most high-handed manager would have a clear idea of what constitutes emotionally competent feedback by the end of a session.

The dramatised examples of good and bad practice are well pitched with the right amount of detail. There is no cringe-worthy acting here, as we see and then have the chance to analyse the good manager (Tariq) and the bad (Maggie) offering different responses to the hardworking Jo.

The facilitator’s guide and workbook provide a solid platform for session leaders and learners, and have better value handouts than many such packs.

There are no bells or whistles to this package, which means that it would translate well into sessions for all levels of managers, team leaders and coaches. Its lack of gimmickry and steady presentation by David Barnard from the Hay Group, should give the package a long shelf life.

Relevance? Four stars
Interactivity? Four stars
Value for money? Five stars

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