Hilton turns to system simulation

Hilton International is rolling out an e-learning programme across 420 hotels in 72 countries to educate employees in the use of its new Seamless Rate Entry (SRE) system.

The programme, developed by Saffron Interactive, will be accessed through the company’s learning portal, Hilton University.

The SRE system provides each hotel with the ability to enter and update room and package rates online, allowing staff to operate more efficiently, with a reduced margin for error.

Using photographic characters and graphical devices to illustrate key points, the programme gives learners an overview of SRE, explains why it is being introduced, and how it fits into Hilton’s main rates and inventory system, known as OnQ. Users are tested online to check their retention of critical knowledge.

“Experience has shown that the use of simulation in e-learning provides a greater degree of confidence for users and their managers when new systems are being introduced,” said Hanif Sazen, chief operating officer of Saffron Interactive. “[This] is why it is an essential component of this programme.”


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