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Statutory maternity, paternity and adoption pay: annual increase

As of 1 April 2005, the standard rate of statutory maternity pay, paternity pay and adoption pay will increase to 106 per week. The earnings threshold will increase to 82 per week.

Race discrimination

Discrimination by “an organisation of workers, an organisation of employers or any other organisation whose members carry on a particular profession or trade for the purposes of which the organisation exists” is covered in all the discrimination statutes. In this case, brought under the Race Relations Act 1976, the claimant alleged discrimination arising out of the way the Medical Protection Society (an organisation of doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals) had advised and assisted him in relation to disciplinary proceedings. The Court of Appeal held that a person who is a member of a profession can also be a worker and therefore an organisation of professionals can be an organisation of workers.

Sadek v Medical Protection Society and others.

Tribunal procedure: appeals

The EAT held that a failure by a respondent to enter a defence to a claim does not prevent it from appealing against the decision made by the tribunal.

Atos Origin IT Services UK Ltd v Haddock.

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