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– The Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays are gone, but not forgotten. In the employee relations stream of discussion on, one correspondent is asking for advice on Bank Holiday entitlements for shift workers. The dilemma has arisen because the Christmas Bank Holidays fell in the shift pattern for only one of two shifts. Clearly, this is an issue that is relevant all year round, so log on to add to the debate.

– An organisation is looking to question employees on what they think of the HR function. With a desire to receive honest feedback and not attacks or abuse, what is the best type of questionnaire to use? Go to the general HR discussion stream if you can help.

– On 6 April, the Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 2004 come into force. This is causing a lot of interest among visitors to the website. One correspondent asks: ” We have started our information and consultation process, but need to get it more formalised to benefit from ‘pre-existing arrangement’ status when the law changes. I am looking for ideas on what needs to be included in the written agreement/constitution of the group and the practicalities of how reps show their agreement. One concern – once the reps have signified their agreement to the pre-existing arrangements, can they withdraw that agreement at will?”

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