HotcatUK launches hospitality trade portal

Innovative human resources professional José Ruiz has launched a great new website providing hoteliers and hospitality industry professionals with a place to exchange ideas, best practice and to network.

With 15 years’ experience under his belt in some of London’s best known hotels, HR professional Jose Ruiz launched hotcatUK in August 07, with the clear aim to bring the hospitality industry closer together, and encourage new talent to enter hospitality.

Since its launch in August, hospitality professionals from all over the UK have been joining the online network to discuss the hottest topics affecting hospitality, attract new talent and also to network both socially and professionally. Current members include HR directors and managers of some of the best hotels in the UK, the board of the HCPTA (Hotel and Catering Personnel and Training Association) and various other senior professionals from the contract catering sector.

“I have been working in Hotels and Restaurants (mostly in London) for the last 15 years” says Jose Ruiz, network creator “Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, some of whom, sadly, have left the industry disillusioned with one thing or another. I hope that hotcatUK will help bring people together so that we can support each other in order to keep that amazing talent within our industry” he continues: “I hope that by providing a free service to end users, hotcatUK will help improve hospitality by facilitating networks of people willing to share best practice and help not only each other but the hospitality industry as a whole”

With the ongoing government initiatives to up-skill the UK workforce and to improve service in hospitality prior to 2012, hotcatUK comes at precisely the right time.

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