How do you measure up on a global scale?

International assignments are becoming more commonplace for HR
professionals. Fiona Brady, of HRHR Personnel Services, provides some tips for

How should I prepare for an
international assignment?

If possible, attend meetings with an international agenda and organise an
international secondment.

At what stage should I get involved
in a project

As early as possible. It is critical to
understanding expectations, reducing assumptions and managing any cultural

What makes an international
assignment succeed?

Sharing of knowledge, innovation, building proactive
relationships and effective leadership to unleash potential of knowledge

What are the difficulties?

Times zones, misunderstandings (language, perceptions,
values, loss of control).
As well as ambiguity – local
versus central priorities.

What are the top 10 international

Openness, flexibility, listening orientation, personal
autonomy, emotional strength, perceptiveness, synergy, influencing, cultural
knowledge, and transparency.

Early wins

Immediate success will come from how effectively you manage things out of
your control and adapting your behaviours to cope with cultural differences.
Those that are successful display the following: expertise, compatibility,
benevolence, integrity, predictability, openness with information, and

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