How to be a Rapid Reader

A good self-help book could boost your skills – a brilliant one could make your whole company more productive.

How To Be A Rapid Reader: Six steps to increased speed and concentration

Rapid-reader-cover15mar05-1.jpgKathryn Redway
Publisher: National Textbook Company
ISBN: 0844229431
Price: £4.99
Review by Paul Tyrrell

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Imagine all the printed material that crosses your desk each day. Now imagine racing through it, twice as fast as usual. Impossible? Not at all. In fact, the skill of speed-reading can be learned and applied in just a few hours. And far from forcing you to skip information, it will actually help you to retain even more.

Kathryn Redway’s brilliant tutorial is 119 pages long and can be read in an afternoon. Indeed, you will probably finish it much sooner, as your reading picks up speed. The book aims to rid you of childhood reading habits, such as subvocalisation (reading words aloud in your head), and to replace them with new ones, such as using your peripheral vision to read several words at a glance.

It includes dedicated chapters on how to speed-read complex material such as business reports, legal texts and periodicals. So it should prove useful to workers in any sector. In organisations that depend on the ability of their staff to read and retain new information, it will boost productivity at a stroke.

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