How to Get Best Value From HR

Lumping all resources into one service delivery centre and benefiting from economies of scale sounds like financial logic, but shared services do not necessarily mean a degradation of quality. And it could be the key to repositioning HR as a strategic force.

How to Get Best Value From HR: The Shared Services Option
By Peter Reilly and Tony Williams
Publisher: Gower Publishing
Pages: 256 Price: £45 ISBN 0 566 08495 3
Reviewed by Alison Norris
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How To Get The Best Value From HR looks at the problems involved in outsourcing, the potential for co-sourcing, and forms of in-sourcing. It considers the contribution that technology can make and even how to go about setting the numbers at the planning stage. It takes you through the entire process, from gaining commitment and setting up a team, to getting feedback from the customer.

But before you start, says the book, you need to have a clear understanding of where you are and what your customers want – it is only then that you can even envisage success.

This book covers a lot of ground in 152 pages, giving the reader a thorough overview without getting bogged down in detail. And as such it is a valuable source of information for anyone challenged with investigating the viability of a shared service approach. It’s not cheap at £45, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Alison Norris is HR manager, Sandwell Mental Health NHS & Social Care Trust

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