How to successfully investigate formal complaints of harassment and bullying

With the recent rise in the number of complaints being heard by Employment Tribunals, it is vital that employers conduct sound investigations into formal complaints of harassment and bullying so that they can demonstrate fairness and reasonableness towards all parties involved.   This ensures that findings are less likely to be challenged and the organisation can demonstrate it has followed good practice in dealing with discrimination claims.

Jean Kelly Consultancy Ltd have investigated a large number of formal complaints for large employers and as a result have developed a successful procedure for conducting impartial and fair investigations.

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The 10 key factors include:

  • How to avoid time-consuming appeals by adhering to timescales and procedures

  • How to ensure confidentiality and impartiality

  • How and what to prepare for each interview so that everyone is treated fairly and key data is collected

  • How to conduct investigations that gather facts – rather than rely on the investigator’s opinions

  • How to ensure your investigators produce impartial conclusions and sound findings

  • How to write a balanced report which acts as proof that the investigation has been fair and objective – so less likely to be challenged by lawyers and Employment Tribunals.

  • Having a sound method that is tried and tested will give you peace of mind when investigating sensitive and complex complaints.  To obtain your free copy, visit and click on Free Report on the left hand side of the home page.


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