HR chief at city council fights to minimise impact of equal pay deal

Nottingham City Council’s HR director has insisted he is doing all he can to minimise the number of staff facing pay cuts as the authority implements equal pay systems.

Some 1,440 employees at the council are expected to have their pay reduced when proposed changes to their terms and conditions take place, subject to negotiations with unions.

A further 6,560 workers have been told their pay could increase or stay the same as the organisation updates its system to remove inconsistencies.

HR director Ben Browne said the authority had carried out an extensive job evaluation process and was undertaking a round of staff presentations.

“Obviously we understand that [the new arrangements] create uncertainty and anxiety and we have ensured that appropriate support arrangements are in place for staff. We have done all we can to minimise the number of people who will lose out as a result of these changes, and committed to providing salary protection for three years.”

The latest research by pay negotiation body Local Government Employers found that half of all councils had undertaken equal pay reviews. A further quarter had reviews under way.

Under the 1997 single-status agreement, local councils pledged to offer equal pay for work of equal value by March 2007.

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