HR Connexions announce they’re bucking the trend in Recruitment Industry

Whilst most recruitment companies are finding it difficult in this economic climate, HR Connexions increased its sales by 240% on the previous year and are continuing to see growth in 2009.

Sales & Marketing Director, Lis Wilson, said “We are passionate about helping companies use the internet to reduce their recruitment costs and streamline their processes. From the moment we embraced the £650 flat fee approach to recruitment, the number of clients we have helped has steadily increased”.

Although HR Connexions supply Online Recruitment Solutions throughout the UK, Yorkshire and Lancashire continue to be the largest growth areas.

Organisations such as Lowell Financial, Mama’s and Papa’s and TEVA UK continue to make big savings on their bottom line.

Lis Wilson added “This year is going to have its challenges, however, it is an exciting time for the Online Recruitment Industry as increasing numbers of employers look to specialists like ourselves to help make the most of using the internet as a recruitment tool and reduce their spend”.

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