HR distrusts home workers because of lack of checks

Nearly half of HR directors don’t trust their staff to perform effectively
if they are working from home reveals research.

The survey of nearly 300 HR directors at companies in the UK, France,
Germany and the Netherlands shows 45 per cent of respondents are concerned
about their employees’ self-discipline to work effectively while out of the

The study by global consultants LogicaCMG suggests this stems from the fact
that 46 per cent of employers have no way of effectively monitoring mobile

The survey also reveals that most company policies on mobile working are

In the UK, 62 per cent of training for mobile workers focuses on use of the
technology, while just 20 per cent is devoted to effective communication techniques
and 16 per cent to time management.

Most of the companies that encourage mobile working rely on rudimentary ways
of monitoring staff performance such as logging mobile phone or internet use
and written reports to line managers.

Paul Barker, international solutions director at LogicaCMG, said employers
would have to become better at managing homeworkers as the demands for flexible
working increase.

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