HR has vital role to play in service delivery

Intranet technology is changing how service delivery functions such as HR
are run and HR professionals must take a leading role in the planning and
implementation of systems.

"As an HR manager you have responsibility for the organisational strategy
and cultural deployment," said Janet Huckvale of Central Development.
"The intranet has been a catalyst for changing how things are done, but in
some organisations HR tends to take a back seat," she added.

"You need to take a proactive role not just in e-HR delivery but in the
wider role of what’s going to happen."

Huckvale, who was formerly European HR director of Cisco Systems, warned
that other functions such as IT and finance could gain responsibility for
managing HR processes, if HR was not involved in the implementation of systems.

The intranet is also changing job descriptions in organisations and changing
the role of managers to one where they need to interpret rather than manage
data. Huckvale and Stephan Thoma of NTL urged HR to ensure they managed the
behavioural changes prompted by the intranet, and align these with the
technological changes.

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