HR man tries to prove that he’s no dinosaur

Only a week back at work and my only New Year’s resolution is in tatters – a promise to get more in touch with my female side. You see, the lady wife had given me the latest Men are from Mars… instalment for Christmas and I’d read about the differences between men and women at work.

As it turns out, women get their way far more often because they’re much smarter at using their communication skills and forming relationships. Not least, they will often talk to people just for the sake of, well, talking to people, whereas us chaps only ever call someone up or drop around to their office for a specific reason.

Ha ha!, I thought, what better time to try out my new-found understanding and desire to communicate, than the first day back. So I started by popping my head around Stephanie’s door.

“Morning Steph… good break?” I offered as I made for the visitor’s chair.

“Foul if you if must know, now what can I do for you? Unions playing up? Payroll system crashed? Gone over my temps budget again? Or am I just behind with the form-filling?”

“Uh, I dropped by for a chat, Steph.”

“Men do not just drop by for a chat, least of all HR director men like you, so spit it out.” At that very moment my mobile rang and Charles barked at me to get to the boardroom right that minute. Remarkable timing really, because for once he’d saved me from myself… and my resolution.

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