HR needs to look towards more human side of role

In response to your coverage about HR becoming more strategic and neglecting its employee champion role (Personnel Today, 10 and 17 October): HR is the reason I lost my job.

In my experience, I felt I was advised by the HR department not on the basis of what was right, but only on the letter of the regulations or procedures. In my case, HR was not an employee champion but definitely supporting the employer.

As a consequence, I am now taking my employer to a tribunal, under both personal injury and protection from harassment, due to the poor advice HR gave to my line manager. That the line manager found my dismissal to be opportunistic is beside the point. HR helped undermine and demean me, while apparently ignoring the facts of the bullying that I had experienced on the job for more than four years.

If HR is meant to be helping people like me then it should look more towards working with the human side of the equation, rather than towards this endless quest to become more strategic.

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