HR pro deals with slippery colleague

Guru considers himself to be an adventurous sort. He has travelled the world and been in the thick of many a battle with enraged employees and unkempt unionists. He would even claim to be the model for Indiana Jones, considering the amount of times he has entered the Temple of Doom (or ‘boardroom’, if you will).

However, he has to give credit to disciple Emily, who sent in this letter showing that she has dealt with even more slimy reptiles than Guru has come across…

Dear Guru,

I have worked in HR for the past 10 years, and during my time as an HR officer I have never experienced anything during an investigation like I did [the other day]!

The bar manager and I were conducting an investigation into a colleague for having used inappropriate language and behaviour. At the end of the meeting, he told us that he had a gift for us. He delved into his pocket and placed a real snake on the table. The snake was knotted so that it couldn’t move! I was completely stunned, as too was the snake – it looked at both of us, stuck its tongue out and hissed!

Our colleague then proceeded to tell me that his snake was called Marcelle. We asked him to put it away. He put it back in his coat pocket and we escorted him off the premises.

The joy of working in HR – there really never is a dull moment.

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