HR professionals switch jobs for next rung on the ladder

HR professionals move jobs for career progression and opportunity, not money, according to latest research.

A salary survey, by recruitment firm Angela Mortimer, shows that the three most important motivators for HR candidates are career progression, cultural fit and a realistic compensation package

The “bluebook” survey also reveals that many candidates move jobs for similar salaries seeking career progression and opportunity.

The going market rate of a permanent HR director in London is higher in financial services (£125,000) than in professional services (£95,000), retail (£82,000), public sector (£68,000) and commerce & industry (£63,000).

Regionally in all sectors, London is – unsurprisingly – the top payer. While a permanent HR director in financial services will earn £125,000 in the capital, £110,000 in Birmingham and £75,000 in Manchester

Angela Mortimer, chairman of Angela Mortimer, said: “This survey is the most extensive listing we have ever compiled, and really serves to demonstrate the disparity in incomes across certain sectors and within the industry as a whole.

“If managers know what is motivating their candidates, whether it be salary, opportunity, challenge or feeling comfortable in the culture of the agency, it will go a long way towards improving staff motivation and ultimately output,” she said.

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