HR to gain from flexible friends

Flexworks UK has joined forces with equality specialists, Energise, to deliver a series of best practice workshops on flexible working.

“I am delighted to support employers with these topical workshops,” said Vivienne Duke, founder and Director of Flexworks UK, “the legal changes coming in April next year will have an impact on people policies and managers will need to be briefed, so this is a great time to re-visit and update flexible working practices”.

The workshops will provide an update on the latest best practice and forthcoming legislation on flexible working rights.

Participants will also hear the experiences of a guest speaker from a trailblazing employer, such as BT (insert others?) at each event. This will be followed by break-out workshops for HR policy-makers and line managers to address the practical issues.

“We want to go beyond policy and into practice,” Vivienne explains, “this will be an opportunity for valuable networking, benchmarking and the exchange of good practice. These events are particularly exciting because we have a range of practical tools for participants to take back to the workplace”.  

Vanessa Boon, Chartered MCIPD, of Energise, will be providing the legal update and sharing her HR experience on the policy-makers workshop.

“The break-out workshops will be a great opportunity to tackle the day-to-day issues faced by HR Managers” she told us, “issues such as dealing with increased demand, board pressure for a part-timer threshold and flexible working in senior posts will be addressed”.

Readers may also be comforted by the break-out workshop aimed at line managers to help them deal with the operational challenges and techniques for supervising flexible workers.

The findings from both break-out groups will then be shared to encourage the HR and management participants to explore a joint approach back in the workplace.

Vanessa added, “businesses face increased demand for flexible hours, changing legislation and economic uncertainty over the coming year, so we will be offering practical solutions that can achieve both a win for employers and a win for work-life balance”.

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