HR training needs research commissioned by UKCES

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has commissioned new research to investigate the skills and training needs of people working in HR.

The study will consider current and future skills needs, the provision of education and training for the profession, and gaps between supply and demand.

Those working in HR across the UK are being called upon to contribute to the study by completing an online survey, available over the next month. In particular, the researchers would like to hear from businesses, organisations and institutions employing HR and personnel staff, as well as individuals working in the sector.

The online survey is supported by the Management Standards Centre, and is part of a wider study which aims to assess the skills and training needs of those working in HR, and determine courses of action to support the occupation in the future.

Following the study, there will be a public review of existing publicly-funded HR qualifications to ensure they are best suited to professional requirements. The results will be publicly available later in the year.

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