HSBC partners with Kineo

HSBC faced a challenge in early 2008: how to roll out a comprehensive new blended programmed, with aggressive delivery dates, in a flexible and easily updated format?

Partnering with Kineo delivered the results that HSBC needed with over 30 hours of e-learning delivered in just two months, as a new case study explains this week.

Kineo, the leading rapid e-learning company, has published a new case study on its website, explaining the partnership model used to deliver high quality rapid e-learning at speed for HSBC.

HSBC needed to accelerate e-learning development to meet the goals of the new onboarding programme.

HSBC was highly experienced with traditional e-learning models, but the challenge was that a more traditional e-learning development approach would mean that the roll out of training would not meet the launch date requirements of the new programmed, as it took several weeks to produce and get sign-off of modules.

The business needed a faster response.

To deliver on those challenging key business and customer requirements, HSBC needed a new way of working with subject matter experts – one that could get best value from their time and provide timely and effective learning.

HSBC chose Kineo as their partner for this fast-paced project.

To deliver excellent service to HSBC, Kineo honed in on two key aspects of collaboration:

  • Focus on service; ensure processes are streamlined to deliver best value and meet the individual requirements of a project

  • Involve stakeholders in its creation

Through highly collaborative, side-by-side working, Kineo and HSBC partnered to rapidly create a complete solution.

This involved e-learning, workshop delivery and a rich set of learning support and useful links through a dedicated onboarding site that was built and maintained by the HSBC learning design team, with 30 hours of e-learning developed in just two months.

The HSBC Learning Design Manager who supported and managed the e-learning side of a complete blended solution, commented:

“Partnering with Kineo on this project gave us fresh thinking on the way that e-learning can be developed. This insight enabled us to meet genuine business pressures to deliver faster and more flexible results that are fit for purpose and cost sensitive.”

Kineo Partner Mark Harrison said:

“We’re really proud of what we have jointly delivered for HSBC. It is a great example of the benefits of close collaboration and a streamlined process that enables highly effective e-learning to be produced at speed using a rapid approach that works for the business.”

In the coming months Kineo will release further case studies explaining how its rapid approach has brought value to organisations including BP, Google and others.

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