One in five employees ‘frustrated’ at work

One in five UK workers is frustrated in their job, and the fault rests with their line manager, research has found.

A study by management consultancy Hay Group found 20% of more than one million people surveyed were ‘frustrated’ at work, with half claiming they do not have the authority to make decisions crucial to their jobs.

The biggest contributors to workplace frustration were defined as ineffective structures and procedures, poor handling of under-performance, and the inability of managers to create productive working environments.

Ben Hubbard, regional director of Hay Group’s employee survey division, said: “With fierce competition for the most talented employees, companies’ efforts to engage their people will be wasted if not backed by a supportive and enabling environment.

“Employers must act to remove procedural barriers and unnecessary bureaucracy, and provide employees with the tools, technology, information, support and other resources they need to be effective in their jobs,” he said.

The study also found more than half of all line managers were unable to create a high-performance workplace, according to their employees, while as many as 40% of employees’ line managers create ‘demotivating’ environments.

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