Human capital forensics solution launched by VaLUENTiS

VaLUENTiS has launched its new ‘Human Capital Forensics’ (HC Forensics) solution today providing prospective clients with unrivalled analytical and measurement insight to assess factors of performance and performance improvement relating to people.

The HC Forensics solution is designed to assist HR functions/organisations with decision-making around recruitment, resourcing, talent management, training and development, performance, reward, decision-rights and organisation design. Client organisations will be able to make smarter decisions as a result based on the latest predictive analytical/measurement techniques.

Nicholas J Higgins, CEO of VaLUENTiS, commented: “As experts in organisational performance and measurement from a human capital perspective, we are able to provide organisations with a quantum leap in understanding the dynamics of the organisation centering on those operational issues that play such a prime part in incurring costs whilst also looking to secure optimised performance.

“We believe that organisations are beginning to realise that current analysis and measurement is in the dark ages when compared, to say, finance. But not anymore – our solution includes derivatives of the next generation of measurement, what we term Measurement 2.0. Going forward we see a core focus on organisational productivity and the means to understanding it in with far greater awareness than before. This is the new battleground for competitive advantage, though it is equally important for any public sector organisation.”

As a result, HR functions and their organisations can benefit from smarter decision-making, whether, for example, that is ensuring they are hiring the right employees, or making sustainable changes to improve collective productivity issues; ensuring a return on investment in particular people initiatives or looking at the longer term market effects on workforce planning. Even predicting the probability of corporate fraud is now a possibility. There are a myriad of opportunities for companies to benefit from these types of analytically-based solutions.

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