ICL aims to cut call centre staff turnover

ICL has changed its call centre policy in a bid to slash employee turnover
in the coming year.

Under the new approach, staff are assessed by the number of calls they solve
rather than the number of calls they take.

The initiative was piloted in four of ICL’s seven UK call centres. It cut
staff turnover from 24 to 6 per cent and resulted in a 20 per cent rise in
customer satisfaction.

Peter Richardson, HR director for infrastructure and operations at ICL,
expects the scheme to cut staff turnover at call centres from 20 per cent to
the company’s average of between 11 and 13 per cent.

He said, "There is no reason why call centre staff turnover should be
worse than the rest of the business. Twenty per cent is too high and I expect
the management scheme to make a big dent in the staff turnover rate."

The new approach makes call centres more customer focused and will cut the
number of calls staff have to handle as problems are solved more effectively.

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