Imparta launches global sales competency study

Global sales and marketing training company Imparta has launched a global Sales Competency Study which offers businesses a free opportunity to benchmark their sales force against other world class organisations.

Imparta is inviting up to 10 salespeople/ account managers (or 5 per region for multinationals) from each company to participate in the study, using a 180 degree on-line assessment tool based on Imparta’s proven sales competency model. The tool allows salespeople to assess their own performance and encourages managers to add their perspective, providing a sophisticated view of the strengths and weakness of the sales organisation.  There is no charge for participating companies.

Imparta, which was recently ranked among the top three global sales training companies by the US-based consultancy ES Research Group, has been researching the field of sales competencies and is building on its existing sales skills database to further enable clients to benchmark themselves against other leading companies.

The study will be used to identify which competencies are strongest and weakest for salespeople and account managers on a geographic and industry basis.

Anne-Marie White, Imparta’s head of client impact, commented “This is an exciting study to help companies understand how the skills of their sales forces compare to an absolute standard, and to other companies operating in similar markets. As the global economy emerges from the recession, there has never been a more important time to identify anything that will prevent your sales force from making the most of the opportunities.  Joining this study will give you an insight into which skills need to be developed to improve performance and thus your company’s growth and profitability. It will let you focus your resources developing the right skills, and not on skills that are a low priority or that already exist.”

To access the study, companies are invited to visit, where one person from an organisation will complete an online registration form to start the study process.

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