Improved pay offer reduces odds on Casino staff walkout

Workers at Stanley Casinos will be balloted on an improved pay offer of 3.5%, after the company resumed pay talks following the threat of the UK’s first ever strike action by casino staff.

The new pay offer is being recommended by GMB negotiators, with the result of the ballot known next Monday.

An earlier offer of 3.2% pay offer was overwhelmingly rejected by the staff at Stanley’s 41 casinos in England and Scotland who indicated a willingness to be balloted for official industrial action.

GMB members at Stanley Casinos, including croupiers, chefs, receptionists, cleaners, security and waiting staff, earn as little as £10,000 a year.

Mick Ainsley, GMB organiser said, “The fact there is a new offer on the table is the direct result of the willingness of the casino workers join the GMB and to take action for better pay and conditions in their industry.

“This is the first step of many in replacing well-paid manufacturing jobs with well-paid service sector jobs. The gaming industry is a very profitable business and can afford decent pay and conditions,” he said.

Stanley recently sold off its 624 betting shops to William Hill for £505m.

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