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This month’s news in brief

Court of Appeal rules on ability to pay

Tribunals should not take into account an individual’s ability to pay when
determining whether they should be liable for employers’ costs in the event of
a frivolous or vexatious claim, the Court of Appeal has held.

Acas settles at last in equal pay dispute

Acas has settled a long-running equal pay claim with 900 claimants following
a tribunal ruling in 1999 that its service-related incremental pay scale
discriminated against women. Each of the claimants will receive an average of

Standard European CVs boost for jobhunters

The European Commission is planning to introduce a standardised format for
CVs to aid recruitment between member states. The European CV, which will be
voluntary, will be available in both paper and electronic form.

Employers must give reasons for rejections

Employers will have to respond to requests from unsuccessful applicants on
why they were rejected under the data protection code on selection and
recruitment, according to employment lawyers at Fox Williams. If employers do
not respond, the applicant can ask the Information Commission to carry out an
assessment of the employer’s information handling.

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