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This week’s news in brief

Ex-employees win discrimination rights

The House of Lords has ruled that staff can bring discrimination claims
against former employers for acts of discrimination or victimisation under the
three discrimination statutes. Previously, only people claiming sex
discrimination had any chance of succeeding with a claim for actions taken
after termination of employment. The decision covers references and the conduct
of employers during dismissal appeals.

3G phones may spark discrimination claims

Third-generation (3G) mobile phones could be the latest device for office
staff to discriminate or harass their colleagues with, warn consultants Croner.
Using a 3G phone, employees can photograph or film someone in their workplace
and send it instantly to a colleague or friend. This could breach staff
confidentiality by if it is without their knowledge or consent.

More seriously, 3G phones could be used as a means for sexual
discrimination, such as a male worker sending an image of a female colleague to
his friends or co-workers. Croner is urging employers to update and clarify
company mobile phone policies to include 3G phones to avoid potential sex
discrimination claims.

Company cars denied to over-65s

Nearly 80 per cent of all employers do not provide company cars to older
staff if their insurance premiums increase at 65, according to a survey
conducted by, the online employment service run by Fox Williams.

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