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Drug tests in favour

Four in five organisations say they would consider drug-testing staff if
productivity was at stake, a survey finds.

Research for the Independent Inquiry into Drug Testing at Work reveals that
very few firms currently test their workers for drugs, but pressure is mounting
on employers to start doing so. weblink www.votations.com

Insurer cuts 900 jobs

Aviva is to cut 900 jobs following a review of its Norwich Union business.
The restructure will see around 600 compulsory redundancies, and the closure of
a life and pensions administration office which employs 280 people at Cheadle,
near Manchester. www.aviva.com  

Flexible creativity

Workers with flexible hours are more likely to unleash their creativity, new
research suggests. A survey carried out for high-tech firm Corel, shows that
people feel stifled by the standard eight-hour day. Older workers tend to be
more productive during the day and younger staff work best in the evening.  www.corel.com

Job market buoyant

New figures show the job market remains strong, with a record 27.9 million
people in employment in the UK. The latest labour market statistics finds there
are 100,000 more people working than there were three months ago, and 250,000
more than this time last year.  www.ons.gov.uk  

Rip-off merchants

Personnel Today is investigating companies that send unsolicited and
expensive HR products to businesses, and then demand payment for them. A judge
recently ordered the wind-up of one such ‘disreputable’ company. Have you been
targeted? E-mail michael.millar@rbi.co.uk

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