In-store computers boost staff skills at retail giant

giant Tesco is installing computers at its stores around the country as part of
a drive to give workers technology skills that could help them in their working
and home lives.

company is installing PCs in all 780 stores later this month in a bid to
provide learning opportunities to people who may not have access to a computer.

200,000 staff will be given the opportunity to overcome computer phobias and
learn basic IT skills such as word processing, e-mailing and efficient use of

a separate move Tesco is also opening its first learning centre. The launch
follows a successful pilot scheme at one of its distribution centres.

Tesco Learning Centre will give staff access to training PCs and allows them to
choose from a range of courses, from reading and writing to foreign languages
and guitar lessons.

Chapman, HR director at Tesco, said the move would help establish the group as
an employer of choice and drive up the skills of the workforce.

is committed to supporting our employees both inside and outside work,"
she said. "We see it as our responsibility to help our staff brush up on
life skills, such as reading and writing, as well as introducing them to new

facilities at the new centre in Fenny Lock, Milton Keynes will be open to staff
at all Tesco sites in the area and has been extended to include friends and
family of employees.

By Ross Wigham

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