Increased demand sees IT contract vacancies grow

IT job vacancies have increased by another 3 per cent in the third quarter of
2003, according to the latest research.

from the CWJobs UK Quarterly IT Skills Index shows that advertised vacancies
fell by 7 per cent between July and September 2003.

IT vacancies were down by 10 per cent across the UK, which contributed to this
overall 7 per cent downturn in advertised jobs.

IT contract positions continued to grow steadily for the third successive
quarter, thanks to the increasing demand from the finance and media sectors.

finance sector advertised 25 per cent more vacancies for IT contractors in the
third quarter of 2003 than in the previous quarter, and there were 7 per cent
more contract positions in the media sector. But demand was down in all other
industry sectors.

London was the only region where permanent IT jobs held steady for the second
successive quarter. Permanent vacancies declined in the rest of the country,
the worst hit region being the North West, with a fall of 18 per cent.

with the second quarter of 2002, there were 44 per cent less permanent IT jobs
advertised in the third quarter of 2003 – indicating there is still a long way
to go before the permanent jobs market stabilises.

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