Indian HR outpost is more than just a call centre

Your article ‘HR jobs under threat from Indian takeaway’ (Personnel Today, 14 November) portrays an inaccurate picture.

In delivering strategic HR services for Lloyds TSB, Xansa uses trained HR professionals in service centres to provide HR advice and guidance to Lloyds TSB managers. Some incoming calls are taken, but the assertion in the article that it is a ‘call centre’ both misrepresents and undervalues the work being undertaken.

No outgoing calls are made, and complex issues are escalated to the Lloyds TSB internal team for resolution.

The article also quotes a survey that suggests UK HR professionals do not have the right skills to step into the strategic roles required in the UK. From our experience, UK HR professionals are perfectly capable of focusing on strategic HR. The problem for many, however, is being bogged down by the routine and repetitive nature of some HR functions.

HR in the 21st century should be about how modern business engages and develops a workforce to deliver real business results.

Carol Hammond
Head of HR transformation, Xansa


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