Industry minister Margaret Hodge hosts inaugural meeting of the Women’s Enterprise Ambassadors Network

The inaugural meeting of the Women’s Enterprise Ambassadors Network took place today (Monday 25 June).

The network consists of 1,000 female entrepreneurs who will act as role models and ambassadors for women who want to set up their own businesses.

Industry minister Margaret Hodge hosted the meeting. Hodge launched the search for members four months ago. The group  will speak to schools, colleges and universities.

An induction and training package is being developed to help members of the network. Ambassadors will be provided with access to information and exchange views online.

A number of ambassadors have been recruited through the Regional Development Agencies and partners, including the Make Your Mark campaign and the Small Business Forum.

Hodge said: “We believed there was a demand for female role models in business. But even we are overwhelmed by the response; we’ve met our target of 1,000 women ambassadors in just two months.

“These ambassadors can encourage and support new female entrepreneurs, boosting the number of women in business. If we had the same rate of entrepreneurship among women in the UK as they have in the US, we would have 700,000 more businesses in Britain today,” she added.

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