Infohrm Europe conference set to focus on workforce analytics

Successful execution on change to deliver impact in the workplace and implementation of HR solutions optimised for the fast changing workforce of the future, are set to take centre stage for discussion at this year’s Infohrm Europe Conference.

Martin Tiplady (Metropolitan Police) will join Greig Aitken(Royal Bank of Scotland), and Professor Paul Sparrow, (Lancaster University) as some of the keynote speakers in presentations highlighting new approaches to maximising human capital assets in light of uncertain economic conditions, rapidly changing employee demographics and preferences, and future talent shortages.

As in the previous year, the 2008 Infohrm Europe Conference will bring together a range of outstanding local and internationals HR leaders who will provide attendees with key insights into workforce analytics, planning and reporting.

Delegates will be treated to a variety of topics introducing the latest HR development and techniques, including presentations on building a human capital management capability, using analytics to improve business outcomes, and the role of workforce planning in delivering competitive advantage.

In addition, the Conference offers a range of case study presentations from the HR leaders in public and private organisations, appealing to individuals who are in the early stages of launching workforce analytics and planning as well as experts seeking advanced practices.

The presentations are arranged into two concurrent streams:  

1. Making a difference with data— A forensic view of understanding, creating and using analytics to improve business outcomes.  Case studies and examples of advanced analytics and workforce planning in action will be used.

Presentations include:

National Grid
National Australia Bank

2. Building a capability for human capital measurement—Having good data is necessary, but not sufficient for success. Build the foundations needed for data driven decision making through changes in people, processes and systems, leveraging metrics and analytics.

Presentations include:

Royal Mail
Allied Irish Bank

 “As in the previous year, the underlying message of the Conference is the contribution of HR to organisational effectiveness and driving business outcomes.

“However, in a fast changing and uncertain business climate, this Conference will also enable attendees to unlock potential Windows of Opportunity by learning about using data to improve the quality of short and long-term talent management decisions through a mixture of applied analytics and planning case studies, best practices from around the world and academic thought leadership,’’ says Peter Howes, the CEO of Infohrm Europe. 

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