Inmarsat develops training with KnowledgePool

Inmarsat, the world leader in global mobile satellite communications
technology, is implementing a £120,000 e-learning sales programme for more than
200 global channel partners.

UK e-learning provider KnowledgePool is designing the product-training
programme, an online version of its three-day instructor-led Global Area
Network (GAN) course.

"We needed to find a way of offering GAN training to channel partners
around the world that was a cost-effective alternative to classroom
training," said Edna Kim, development training manager at Inmarsat, which
sells into the maritime, land-mobile and aeronautical sectors. "We also
needed to be assured that training would be flexible, engaging, interactive and
measurable. KnowledgePool is taking the time to fully understand our
requirements and I am confident we will develop a programme together that meets
Inmarsat’s needs."

The training will be delivered via Inmarsat’s Connect portal on its corporate
intranet and, as well as channel partners, is intended as product training for
employees in a non-technical, sales or an account management role. It will
explain the features of GAN’s 64kbit mobile ISDN and packet data channel and
will accommodate different levels of knowledge and learner requirements. The
course can be accessed in two ways: a learning mode, featuring linear
tutorials, to teach newcomers to the subject in a logical way and reference
mode, which will feature a facility for refreshing the learner on key points.
There will be a post-course assessment.

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