Inner Physique announces LawCare Wellbeing Portal to manage legal sector stress

Inner Physique, a leading stress management and wellbeing solution provider, has announced that its Wellbeing Portal technology has been selected by LawCare to provide a free and confidential online stress management service.

The service will be available from February 2009 for use by over 220,000 legal professionals throughout the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

Managing Director of Inner Physique, Richard Adams, says, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with LawCare to provide the legal sector with such an effective stress management tool. The legal profession has some of the highest incidences of stress, and we are convinced that the LawCare Wellbeing Portal will make a significant difference to stress sufferers within this sector.”

When asked why LawCare had selected Inner Physique as a partner for this initiative Hilary Tilby, LawCare’s Chief Executive, said:

“I was really enthused by Inner Physique’s very practical and personalised approach to designing a programme aimed at managing the stressors which affect legal professionals, their families and staff every day.  It is vital that individuals take responsibility for their own well-being and this self-analytical, self-help approach is a powerful tool for putting people in control of their lives. It is a natural supplement to our existing helpline support and assistance.

“Throughout the development process, I have been very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism shown by Inner Physique and I am absolutely certain that this joint venture will prove to be of considerable assistance to the legal professions.”

LawCare is the sole UK and Ireland charity providing free and confidential, 365 day a year, helpline support and assistance to the legal professions, their families and support staff.

It also provides free stress recognition and management training workshops to these groups. 

The new LawCare Wellbeing Portal will add significantly to its range of services by providing 24×7 access to anonymous, confidential and totally personal stress management help and advice for all lawyers and other legal professionals throughout the UK and Ireland.

Inner Physique specialises in the provision of highly innovative, low cost and simple to implement stress and wellbeing management tools, training, assessments and consultancy services. 

These solutions enable organisations of all sizes to comply with UK legislation whilst enhancing employee wellbeing, improving productivity, reducing absenteeism and managing risk.

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