Inspired Lives offer proven methodology to improve team performance

Inspired Lives, based in Salford Quays, now offers teams in organisations a proven methodology to increase team performance and create sustainable team culture.

Working in collaboration with US based Team Coaching International (TCI), Inspired Lives brings a proprietary team assessment tool and coaching methodology to organisations across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Organisations depend on teams to achieve results, beyond those achieved by individuals working alone. More and more, the ability to work in effective collaboration across functions and geography, is key to organisation success. 

The Team Diagnostic assessment from TCI, measures the team in 14 dimensions and provides a development plan for team improvement. Inspired Lives is qualified in this unique tool, and the coaching method that supports it. It is one of TCI’s first UK accredited associates.

Inspired Lives has already successfully deployed this approach with teams in a number of engagements with UK and international organisations. 

Kate Jones, Founder and Managing Partner of Inspired Lives, said :

“Inspired Lives has a really strong track record of working with senior executives in major organisations. The Team Diagnostic is a way for us to extend our reach within clients and offer a wider portfolio of services. Results to date have been exceptionally rewarding.

“Clients really value the way we can now measure the whole team as an entity, using clearly defined parameters. These powerful team interventions help our clients excel in their business, by using the collective skills of the team, to achieve their shared goals and the business vision. 

“We very much trust that this is the first stage in an ongoing and fruitful relationship with TCI.”

Phillip Sandahl, Principal of Team Coaching International, says:

“In our view, Inspired Lives has an ideal combination of expertise and experience to be successful with this team coaching methodology. They’ve already demonstrated this with the teams they have worked with to date.

“There is tremendous need in organisations to improve team performance, and Inspired Lives has the tools and personnel to deliver.”

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