Instep partner with Fifty Lessons

Cheshire development and training company, Instep UK, has secured a partnership with Fifty Lessons – the world’s leading digital video business library.

This unique learning resource will provide clients with access to more than 800 management and leadership ‘lessons’ from some of the world’s most successful business leaders.

In the form of short and powerful videos, these lessons provide an insight into the learning experiences and guiding principles of business leaders from companies such as Heinz, Yahoo, Dell, Orange, Tesco and Kodak.

Covering subjects such as entrepreneurship, change, innovation, sales, strategy and leadership, content is published in digital and traditional formats and can be experienced on PCs, mobile telephones, iPods and handhelds.

Managing Director, Peter Hitchen, explains: “We constantly strive to provide clients with innovative approaches to learning. By linking up with Fifty Lessons, clients can now benefit from the personal experience of respected and influential business leaders from across the world.”

Clients can either purchase the lessons as a stand-alone package or they can be used as part of a blended learning approach within Instep’s range of leadership and management programmes.

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