Insurance giant creates a talent pool

insurance giant Prudential Financial is filling vacant positions more quickly
and has saved more than $2m since moving its recruitment process online 18
months ago.

Lowe, vice-president of staffing, explained how the company has benefited since
switching from a reactive manual recruiting strategy to a proactive,
results-based system on the Prudential corporate website.

careers area, accessed via the home page, was designed to capture both active
and passive job-seeking candidates and build a high-quality talent pool in
advance of hiring demand.

technology enables Prudential to continuously source talent and automate the
whole process from building a community of candidates to identifying job
requirements, screening assessment, then interviewing and hiring.

site attracts around 40,000 visitors a month, with a capture rate of 19 per
cent. Two in 10 visitors leave a personal profile helping the company – which
recruits 3,500 people a year – build up a talent pool.

of online recruiting

Hard savings of over $2m

Soft savings (productivity gains) of almost $4m

Established 188,000 recruiting relationships in talent pool within months

Reduced time to fill from 50 to 40 days

35 per cent reduction in dependence on recruitment agency

40 per cent reduction in print advertising

Prudential Financial

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