International School of HCM announces availability of bursaries

VaLUENTiS’ International School of Human Capital Management is again announcing bursaries for the January 2010 Masters equivalent HCMI qualification programme.

This is due in part to the increased interest shown in the market-place by both HR professionals and managers.

The part-time/distance learning practitioner-based qualification, introduced in 2007, is currently in its second year and has seen an increase in ‘associate practitioner students’.

The HCMI qualification is designed to complement existing CIPD qualification/managerial experience by acknowledging and building on sound academic basis, and by incorporating new areas of knowledge that have emerged in the field of human capital management.

There is a more strategic focus to the material, recognising the increasing demands of enterprises in both the public and private sectors.

Being practitioner based, it centres along problem-based learning, whilst drawing on more internationally-based and wider-organisational research/cases. World-class case studies are a central component.

The value of each bursary is worth £2,750 meaning that the cost of the HCMI course reduces to £2,995.

The initial offer remains open until Friday 29th August 2009.

Bursaries are now handed out on a first-come, first-served basis (subject to the School’s admission policy), and therefore individuals are encouraged to act sooner rather than later where a bursary is being sought.

The HCMI qualification is open to both CIPD members (directly) and non-CIPD executives, (subject to entry qualification for the latter).

Practitioners first complete a foundation module before going onto complete eight subject modules split across four core disciplines. A further ‘technical application’ module completes the programme. A Masters dissertation project is also completed.

There are four grades, Associate (AHCMI), Practitioner (PHCMI), Master (MHCMI) and Doctor (DrHCMI). Each year, HCMI Practitioners are expected to successfully attend a mandatory CPD event that provides an update on the latest developments and research in the field and a chance to refresh their learning.

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