Intranet brings airline staff closer together

Cook Airlines has introduced a new intranet system in a bid to build a more
inclusive work culture.

Adkin, HR director at Thomas Cook Airlines, said that because about 75 per cent
of the airline’s staff are flight crew, it is difficult to find ways to
communicate with them.

flight crew are never about," he said. "They are working in
inaccessible areas."

said the new system, which can be accessed from any computer, contains all
necessary technical information for jobs, and has cut paper costs by more than
£12,000 a month.

by Infovisual, the intranet, called Open Air, also includes a chatroom,
allowing staff to communicate across different countries and time zones, as
well as providing the latest information on airports, e-zines and internal

said he hopes the system can engender a more inclusive culture. "We want
to make the airline feel like one organisation even though 75 per cent of our
staff are working in an inaccessible area. [There cannot be] the same sense of
inclusiveness unless you work at it."

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