IOSH on lookout for fresh CPD programmes

IOSH is searching for new programmes on occupational health-related topics to add to its current suite of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses.

New courses and fresh slants on present course topics are being sought to add to IOSH’s existing range. The CPD programme runs in the UK and Republic of Ireland, and tutors who offer occupational health-related topics, such as rehabilitation, are particularly required.

CPD helps IOSH members keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and with the growth of the health agenda, IOSH needs to ensure that members have access to the latest information and training.

Hazel Harvey, director of professional affairs, said: “CPD plays a key role in IOSH’s revised membership structure as all chartered members and technician members are required to take part. In 2000, we had 3,000 people enrolled on CPD, but by the start of our 2007 programme, we expect there to be 15,000 people enrolled.

“This means that we need to cover the current hot issues in our programme, and there is little higher on the agenda of occupational safety and health practitioners at the moment than occupational health issues.”

If you think you have a course or an idea for a course that would be suitable for our programme, then please contact Zo Whitehead, courses administrator, on 0116 257 3124, or e-mail Please provide an outline of the course you propose, and a quote for your fees.

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