IOSH to sponsor new research

IOSH is committed to developing avenues of research and actively supporting
initiatives in the field of health and safety. To further this aim, the
institution has recently announced a four-year research sponsorship agreement
with the British Occupational Health Research Foundation (BOHRF).

Under the agreement, IOSH will donate £15,000 to the BOHRF every year for
four years, to help fund the foundation’s research projects. Some examples of
these projects, which are under varying stages of consideration, include:

– Evaluation of different management strategies for workplace trauma

– Effective management of sickness absence

– Interpersonal conflict in the workplace

– Auditing occupational health services

– Reducing stress and promoting rehabilitation

– Long-haul flights and deep-vein thrombosis

Sponsorship of BOHRF follows the publication of IOSH’s occupational health
guidance, Professionals in partnership, and reinforces the message that the
phrase "health and safety" covers more than just accident prevention.

In thanking the institution for the sponsorship, chief executive of BOHRF,
Brian Kazer, said "I am delighted IOSH has agreed to become a sponsor. It
has long been an objective of the institution to contribute to the research
agenda in occupational health and safety, and the association between IOSH and
BOHRF will fulfil the health part of that ambition."

BOHRF is a registered charity and was established in 1991 to contribute to
the maintenance of the highest possible degree of physical and mental wellbeing
of employees.

Further information is available on its website:

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