IRS seeks online recruitment opinions

Online recruitment: how to make it more effective

IRS has launched a survey to analyse how employers use online recruitment, the results of which will be avilable to all particpants.

Here are five reasons why you should consider taking part in our research:

1. When should you use traditional recruitment techniques rather than online recruitment?
2. How can online recruitment be integrated into your overall recruitment system?
3. How can you promote your online recruitment website?
4. What are the latest online recruitment hints and tips?
5. Overall, how effective is online recruitment? Does it just attract more unqualified applicants?

The research report will give you analysis and insight into all of these important issues.

  • Complete confidentiality: your replies will not be seen by others. Your name and that of your organisation will not appear in the survey report;
  • No marketing: the information you supply about yourself and your organisation will not be used for marketing purposes;
  • Valid research: the survey is part of a genuine research programme conducted independently by IRS,  an employment research organisation that has been established for 30 years.

Do you want to receive results of the research? Take part in the online recruitment survey here

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