Is absence getting your back up? (webinar)

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After a period where absence levels have been declining, this Personnel Today webinar will bring you up to date with the latest results following the publication of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) Annual Absence Management Survey Report 2013, in partnership with Simplyhealth.

Featuring a detailed look at the survey’s headline findings, this free online event will look at absence levels in the public versus private sector, an assessment of absence’s cost to the UK economy and at the conditions contributing to UK sickness absence, focusing on musculoskeletal disorders.

View for the free webinar to learn about:

  • key absence management and employee wellbeing trends;
  • how organisations are addressing challenges and an examination of the practices you can use;
  • how musculoskeletal disorders can be avoided and what employers can do to help prevent them; and
  • who and what is on hand to help your organisation.


Noel O’Reilly, wellbeing editor at Personnel Today and editor of Occupational Health, hosts the webinar and is joined by:

  • Dr Jill Miller, research adviser at the CIPD and lead on the CIPD Annual Absence Management Survey Report 2013;
  • Lani Uys, business support manager, and Louise Simon, senior physiotherapist at Nuffield Health, leading experts on the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders; and
  • Howard Hughes, head of employer marketing at Simplyhealth.


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