Is gender equality in the boardroom still a long way off

The latest Up Close & Personnel Report from leading business forum provider Richmond Events reveals that men still expect to earn more than their female colleauges, that it pays to be in finance and that true gender equality in the boardroom is a long way off.

It shows men expect to earn as much as £50,000 more than women in the same roles over a five year period. The biggest difference in gender salary expectation is in the Finance Department, followed by Marketing, Comms and then Human Resources.

The male finance director has the highest earning capacity, expecting £180,000 in five years time, compared to just over £100,000 for his HR female equivalent.

No surprise then that FD’s are the most satisfied with their salary and HR feel they are the most ‘underpaid’.

70% of those questioned believed that glass ceilings for pay and promotion didn’t exist, although it was the female dominant faculties that begged to differ.

Around 80% of the whole sample believed there was gender equality in the boardroom.

But when broken down by gender and discipline – 32% of HR, 28% of Comms and 20% of marketing didn’t think so -again mainly the female dominated faculties. It is therefore clear the answer is different depending who you ask.

The results give an interesting insight into this delicate area of working life.

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