IT firm to sponsor engineering Masters

An engineering software group is planning to sponsor a one-year MSc in engineering at Liverpool University in order to combat the skills shortage in the highly competitive technology sector.

ARM Holdings already has a sponsorship in place for a programme of engineering degrees at Loughborough University.

“With the dramatic growth of ARM and the resultant need for engineers, we have started to hire a lot of graduates that we can develop as our business grows,” said ARM’s HR director Bill Parsons.

“With the Loughborough scheme, graduates are offered eight-week placements in our company during the course but are under no obligation to take a job with us after finishing the course,” he added

“Companies in the IT sector are becoming increasingly more imaginative in recruitment methods. More employers are having relationships with universities, funding research projects and sponsoring degree courses,” commented John Higgins, director-general of Computing Services and Software Association (CSSA).

By Karen Higginbottom

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