IT issues overshadow fear of terrorist threats

Employers are concerned about the threat of terrorist attacks and other security breaches, but tend to focus on IT issues.

The Business Security Survey 2004 shows that most employers are not concerned with undertaking background checks on existing or new employees. However, many organisations cite the greatest benefits of implementing security plans as being the ability to reassure existing staff, and improving their ability to recruit and retain others.

The poll of 100 senior directors shows that 68 per cent could identify a ‘chief security officer’, and 21 per cent were able to say that this person is a board member.

It also shows nearly two-thirds of companies overhauled their security plans in the past year, although most admit they still feel vulnerable.

Ninety per cent have reviewed risks to business performance, facilities and standby facilities; 68 per cent have re-evaluated the way they undertake background checks on new staff; and 45 per cent have done the same for existing workers.

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