IT sector lobbies firms to support £15m skills plan

suppliers and the Government are being urged to back a £15m plan to find a
solution to the growing shortage of IT professionals in the UK with e-commerce

plan, which has just opened for consultation, aims to bring thousands of workers
into the IT profession every year to meet the needs of business to develop
e-commerce projects.

three-year project, coordinated by the E-skills National Training Organisation
(NTO), is an ambitious attempt by the IT profession to tackle the UK’s IT skills

Price, chief executive of the E-skills NTO, said she is confident the
three-year plan will win financial backing from the Government if employers are
prepared to contribute.

Wilson, HR manager for the software and systems engineering firm Amey Datel,
welcomed the plan. She said the company had to pay high salaries to attract
experienced IT staff.

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